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This online catalog has been developed with you, the end user, in mind. The items provided within our catalog will provide the essential materials and equipment you need to make any job easier. 

Many of the supplies listed in this catalog were developed by B.W.J. Graphics, Inc. We continue to listen to your needs by providing innovative ideas and equipment.

Utilizing years of experience, B.W.J. Graphics will quickly and efficiently provide the solution to your printing plate and cutting die needs. Our trained sales staff is available to offer in-plant instruction on the implementation of any product, or in solving any problems you may confront. 

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Every piece of B.W.J. Graphics’ Band-it Quik Type is manufactured in our plant and crafted with the utmost quality for uniform thickness and alignment. 

Band-it Quik Type is a convenient addition to your order. It is ideal for last minute printing changes and is reusable. Our unique Band-it Quik Type is available in six sizes.

View our order form for a complete list of all letters, numbers, fractions and punctuations.

Packed 12 pieces per bag.

2″ type and fractions packed six pieces per bag. 


Steel Band-it Quik Type Bands

Packed 25 pieces per package in seven sizes, also available in 100′ roll.

Plastic Band-it Quik Type Bands

100′ roll economically priced. Can be used in place of steel bands.


Start Up Kits 1/4″, 3/8″, or 1/2″

B.W.J. Graphics offers a sturdy cabinet, packed with one dozen of each letter, two dozen of each number, six dozen assorted punctuations and 25-6″ steel bands. 

Please specify type-size needed when ordering.

Start Up Kits 3/4″ or 1″

A second size option is available in a sturdy cabinet.  The kit is packed with one dozen of each letter and number, six dozen assorted punctuations and 25-6″ steel bands. 

Please specify type-size needed when ordering.


BWJ Channel type is manufactured within our plant to meet your box identification needs. Channel type is manufactured in 1/2″ type size and slides into a durable piece of plastic channel.

View our order form for a complete list of all letters, numbers, fractions and punctuations.

Packed 12 pieces per bag except fractions which are packed 6 pieces per bag.


BWJ Channel type channels are used for lining up channel type and holding it in place as you print with it.

Channel’s come in 24″ lengths.

Packed 10 pieces per package.


BWJ Lock Bands

Stronger, Safer, and Easy to Use

BWJ Lock Bands contain no metal parts to damage anilox rolls or other mechanical parts—and they are pre-formed to easily and quickly satisfy your mounting needs. 

These specially constructed bands provide a quick, easy method of securing printing plate-mounting material to flexographic press cylinders. In addition, the molded construction provides added assurance and dependability. 

B.W.J. Graphics’ Lock Bands are available in 18 standard sizes. Priced 12 per package.

BWJ Speed-Lok Bands

Stronger, Safer, and Easy to Use

BWJ Speedlock Bands are used in conjunction with #3 grommets to lock down the trail edge of a pre-mount.

B.W.J. Graphics Speedlock Bands are available in 18 standard sizes. Priced 12 per package

Slot Tool

The Slot Tool is a convenient tool enabling die mount that makes 1-1/4″ slots in trail edge of plastic mounting material. This easy-to-use, heavy-duty slotter was designed to give years of service. The handgrip lever easily produces slots to secure tension bands for quick set-ups at the press. Air operated models are also available.



This is an excellent quality double back adhesive used primarily for mounting printing plates to mounting material. 

Available in multiple thicknesses. Priced per roll.


3M is the nation’s leader in tape products. Whether your job has halftones, lines or solids, 3M® tapes will ensure that your project is printed correctly the first time. 

Available in multiple thicknesses. Priced per roll.


933 Reducer / Cleaner

This reducer and cleaning agent is used for cleaning glue from the back of rubber printing plates when using adhesive. It also can be used as a thinner to keep brushes soft and pliable. When cleaning printing plates, use caution so Reducer/Cleaner will not come in contact with the face of the printing plate.

14-24 Plate Sealer

This high quality plate sealer is excellent for sealing the edges of mounted dies. It will not crack or chip; and as an added bonus, it prevents edges of dies from coming loose during frequent wash-ups.

Poly Bottles W/Spouts

These are used for dispensing glue, sealer or Reducer/Cleaner with more control and less mess. Poly Bottles with spouts, prevent air from thickening the glue or sealer when using open containers for extended periods of time.

Glue Pot

The Glue Pot is just what it sounds like.—a quality container for holding small amounts of glue. Made up of heavy gauge aluminum, the upper portion is cone shaped with a 2″ opening and is Teflon coated. The Teflon coating will shed excess glue wiped from the brush and return it to the reservoir. The Glue Pot comes with a brush and cone shaped lid to prevent excess evaporation and thickening of glue. Extra brushes are available.


Plastic Mount

This easy to use mounting material will be a convenient addition to your dieroom. The natural curve of the material hugs your cylinder. 

Lightly cut the surface along a straight line, fold the material sharply and it will break straight and even. The plastic mount is then ready for applying the lead or trail edge strips. 

Each roll is .030” thick and 62″ wide. Sold by the pound.

Additional colors available upon request.

Tin Mounting Material

Used for mounting printing plates on presses with magnetic cylinders. 

.010″ thick.  Sold by the pound.


If you need an easier way to square printing plates when mounting, Plastic Mount with Grid is your solution. Material is printed with 1” squares making your job easier and saving you time.

.030″ thick.  Priced per roll.

Polyester Film

This material is used primarily for checking the register on multi-color pre-mounts but can also be used as a mounting material. 

.010″ thick.  Sold by the running foot, approximately 62″ wide.


If you have to make insert changes using a double back adhesive, this is an excellent material. The Square Mount with Grid has a Mylar film on both sides of fiber filler. In addition, this material also has a 1″ grid pattern, making it easy to align printing plates. 

.030″ thick.  Priced per roll.

Magnetic Backing

A magnetic material used for steel cylinders to mount individual plates. 

.030 thick.  Sold by the roll.


Durometer Gauge

This is a valuable quality-control tool for achieving optimum print quality that is used to check plate hardness. Shore “A” scale.


Grommets & Grommet Sets

These hand held tools install grommets into mounting materials. Sets are made of high quality steel and are even available in foot-operated models. This machine will cut the hole and set the grommet at the same time. 

Dies must be ordered separately for foot-operated models.

Specify die size when ordering.


Stapler, P-6 / Staples

This hand-grip stapler is a fast economical way to fasten lead edge or trail edge strips to mounting material. Staples packed 5000 per box.


Mounting Strips

(Lead Edge & Trail Edge)

These Mounting Strips are used for quick and easy press set-ups. They can be stapled or sewn to mounting material and then attached to the press using tension bands.


Stretch Rulers

Stretch Rulers are used to allow for the stretch of a printing plate thru the press. They have a built-in stretch factor for each different size cylinder.

Micrometer Dial Comparator

Built for long life and hard usage.

The Micrometer Dial Comparator is a precision instrument used to verify the thickness of printing plates. It measures caliper in .001″ increments. 


Box Makers Certificates

B.W.J. Graphics’ Box Makers’ Certificates are supplied in 2″ & 3″ diameters and in rectangular shapes. 

All sizes and styles are available in any quantities. 

Customer logo included upon request.

Recyclable Logos

Recyclable Logos are used to identify recyclable containers. If it can be recycled, you should make your customers aware—even if you think it’s a given. 

Please indicate size needed when ordering. 

If a different symbol is desired, please indicate when placing order.

Pull Bands

Pull bands exert pressure on the corrugated blank, which helps to stabilize and control the movement of the board through the press. Pull bands are especially helpful when printing graphics with fine detail or tight registration. 

B.W.J. Graphics pull bands are custom manufactured to your specification. Custom sizes and styles available.

Impression Stamps

B.W.J. Graphics makes Impression Stamps so that you can conveniently check your impression setting between the anilox roll and the printing plates, and are to be used on pre-mounted sets of plates.

Press Operator Names

Let your press operators put pride in their work with low cost, operator name printing plates. 

Alternative readings and styles are available upon request.

Register Marks

Register Marks are used to aid the press operator in keeping multicolor pre-mounts in register. 

Rubber or Photopolymer are sold in packages of 12. 


Red Ejection Rubber-Open Cell

(with or without PSA)

This is an excellent quality ejection rubber designed for use on flat cutting dies. 

Sold by the box, with or without pressure sensitive adhesive.

Please indicate with or without PSA.

Grey Ejection Rubber-Close Cell

(with or without PSA)

The Grey Closed Cell Sponge is a superior closed-cell rubber for rotary cutting dies. It provides better ejection and longer life than most other rubber, and is conveniently packaged in pieces, strips or pads. 

Pads are 10″ x 20″ die cut.

Please indicate with or without PSA

1414-4 Contact Adhesive

This glue is great for placement of ejection—or stripping rubber on rotary and flat cutting dies. 

Available in one gallon cans.


Dieprene 80 Slot Rubber


This material provides long wear life and is very effective for use on rotary and flat cutting dies.

Dura-Bull Slot Rubber


Viable alternative slot rubber used in place of Dieprene 80 slot rubber on both rotary and flat dies.


Perforating Type

(Metal – 3/4″ Characters, 1″ Base)

Perforating Type is used to penetrate corrugated board during diecutting. The impression left in the board will, in some cases, eliminate the need to print the board. Each are provided with pre-drilled tack holes and adhesive backing.

Available: A-Z, 0-9, and dashes. 

Priced six per package.



Lead Edge Material

Lead Edge Materials are used on lead and trail edges of rotary cutting dies to help move scrap away from the cutting edges, where build up can damage the die. 

Sold by the foot.



Metallic Makeready Tape

This style of tape aids in the build up of cutting dies. It is provided with self-adhesive backing for quick and easy make-ready right at the press. 

Sold by the roll.


Die Bolts with Washers

These bolts are designed for use on rotary diecutters and the accompanying washers are built-in and will not come off unnoticed. 

Approximately 100 per box.

Plastic Film-Frosted Mylar

Plastic Film is an excellent material for transferring and checking die images. The frosting, on one side, accepts carbon and pencil markings. It has superior flex strength, is dimensionally stable, and is tear resistant. 

Sold by the running foot.


Stop Guides

Stop Guides enable you to run warped or hard to feed board when using jaw type platen presses, and comes with self-adhesive bottom.


Adjustable Hardware

Adjustable hardware is used to hold cutting die attachments in position. They allow pieces to be adjusted for different size boxes. However, wood must be specially routed to accept this hardware.


Grinding Wheels

B.W.J. Graphics’ Grinding Wheels are designed for notching, cutting or nicking rule. In addition, they are reinforced with a resin-based cloth that will not shatter.

Polyurethane Mallets

These are made of tough polyurethane that will outlast rawhide mallets and never affect the cutting edges of rotary or flat cutting dies.